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Drumup Media Group delivers measurable and improved SEO performance

Every business needs to have their web presence optimized for search engine performance. The type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your company needs is determined by your business objectives. Our level of support comes in three types:

  • Local SEO
  • Website SEO
  • Fully Integrated SEO
Local SEO Programs

Drumup Media Group’s Local SEO programs focus on the critical needs of local business that need to make sure all potential customers near them know where they’re at and what they do. A real world example would be when someone searches “pizza near me.” If you sell pizza, you better come up high in the results. You also want to make sure your establishment shows up in the Google Map. If you do come up, you’ll notice that customers will instantly see your company’s star rating. Here’s a surprise, usually the first company listed on the Google Map has a 5-star rating.

Although Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, our software platform is specifically designed to address all of these areas so that your company is both visible and projects a positive image.

Comprehensive Website SEO Programs

Although there are elements of our Local SEO program in all levels of SEO support, this service is specifically designed for brands and websites that need to compete at a national level for broad keywords. Let’s say you run a business that isn’t reliant on just the searches in your location. Drumup Media Group has the experience and tools to improve your overall Search Visibility, Organic Traffic and Organic Traffic $Value. We do this by not only fully analyzing the keywords that are driving visitors to your site, but by anylizing the keywords that are driving visitors to your key set of competitors. We are able to see where you are winning and where you are losing. Then, we strategically optimize your site so that you are consistently improving. Results are achieved through a combination of services including keyword research, page-level SEO, improved site taxonomy, rewriting of content, backlink audits and link management.

Integrated SEO Programs

This represents the highest level of support as it integrates with other types of Drumup Media Group Services, such as Website Development, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SMM). The most successful SEO programs, either at the local or national level, begin with websites that are designed and executed to perform and then combine an SMM or SEM program. These programs drive new customers to site and engage your customer base. That engagement is recognized by the search engines that you are a credible authority on the topics people are searching on. The most successful companies realize that all of these elements need to be part of their SEO programs.

Drumup Media Group has the skills necessary to meet all of these needs.

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See How Your Business Is Doing...

On the most important online directories for search engines.

the most comprehensive local SEO program

You can’t fix anything without the right tool. Our state-of-the-art data management platform enables us to instantly sync all of your online directory listings, ensuring search engines know everything about you. This is critical for your business to be shown in local searches. 

Drumup Media Group’s local SEO platform features

Location Management

Whether you have one or 1,000 locations, our platform is super easy to use.

Regular Listing Crawl

We crawl 200+ local search engines and directories to catch data inconsistencies.


Instant Data Sync

We instantly sync your business and location data across different sites.

Niche Targeting

You can also manage industry and niche specific sites on the DMG platform.


Monitor Interactions

Get notified immediately when customers leave a review or social comment.


rapid response

Integrated workflow that allows you to respond back to reviews from within platform.


Automatically track web rankings, traffic and more with integrated analytics.

Website Widgets

Use widgets to display your location and reputation data anywhere.

sync instantly

Drumup Media Group’s Local SEO platform syncs instantly across our network of publishers, ensuring your data is always accurate.

instant notifications

We constantly listen in so that you get notified instantly when a customer review you anywhere on the web.

respond back

Improve your customer service and reviews on Google, Yelp and other sites directly from platform.

utilize widgets

Make website content management easy using Drumup Media Group’s widgets.

just a few of the directories we actively manage

Scroll throug. Even though you probably can’t name them all or even know they existed, your presence in them impacts your local SEO performance.

additional local SEO program features

Fix Site Errors

Site issues such as broken internal and external links can hinder SEO performance. Our monthly site health diagnostics ensure your site is easy to crawl.

Content Consulting

We proactively look for ways the content o your site can be improved and re-organized to improve search engine performance.

Update Structured Data Markup markup coding helps search engines figure out who you are, where you are, and what you do. We provide thorough coding to enhance your site.

get all of your local SEO progress in easy to understand reports

see your current company listings

By running our free diagnostic scan, you’ll see if you’re doing well or if we need to fix some things.

Local SEO Software Platform

Yes! You Can Do Some of It Yourself...It Will Just Take a While
  •  Managed Directory Listings for 200+ Search Directories
  • Access to Drumup Media Group Local SEO Software Dashboard to Manage Directory Listings, Review Posting and Customer Engagement, and Reporting Metrics.
  •  Fully Optimized Markup for Enhanced Search Visibility and Accuracy
  •  Drumup Media Group Fixes Your Site Errors that Impact Search Performance
  •  Consulting Services on Content Creation and Organization for Improved Optimization
  •  Monthly Reporting Metrics and Analytics

superior comprehensive website SEO

Companies with a national and international brand, you need competitive visibility on broad keywords. Drumup Media Group has the knowledge, expertise and tools to get the job done.

understanding comprehensive website search engine optimization (SEO)

If you don’t mind, when we talk about SEO, we get a little geeky. What we do at Drumup Media Group is figure out how to get your site communicating with all of those automated robots and spiders the search engines keep sending out to index your site.Success or failure in the world of SEO depends on how well you can convince those robots to recommend your pages to their customers. Remember, they aren’t out to get you and it is never personal. They really want to recommend the best options to searchers. That’s how they gain trust and market share. Your goal is to make your content worthy of scoring high on search engines, and then making sure the search engines get the message.

Before we begin on what we do, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

Q: what's a SERP?

A: SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Page.” That is the search engine-generated page of results a user is shown when they post a query to a search engine. When someone types in “Best Pizza Near Me” they miraculously get helpful suggestions no matter where they happen to be. If the name of your pizza place isn’t in the top three on the SERP, or a pin on the Google Map it also displays, most likely that customer won’t be ordering from you. Where you are shown on the SERP is how we measure Visibility.

Q: what's visibility?

A: After we finish our extensive keyword research, we identify the strategic keywords that are critical to your business’ success. Then, we use a tool that evaluates your site’s content and determines how your compete with the rest of the internet on those keywords. If you were to be the first SERP listing for each and every one of your keywords, your Visibility score would be 100%. If that were the case we wouldn’t be having this conversation. A good SEO company works through a process of gradual improvement that keeps that score moving in an upward trend.

Q: what's a strategic keyword

A: A strategic keyword is one that is often used by those who are searching for companies that do whatever it is you do. That sounds pretty simple, but it isn’t. You see you probably don’t know what keywords your potential customers really use (even though you think you do). You’re too close to the whole process and knowledgable about your industry. And, you think in broad terms, or “fathead” keywords. If you make widgets, you probably think you should score high when someone enters “widgets” into the search engine. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our industry-leading tools can show us not only what visitors to your site entered into the search box, but also:

  • What searchers used to find your competitors’ site
  • How often on average that search is performed
  • Where you rank vs your competitor set
  • How difficult it is to compete for those keywords

You need all of that data to determine what keywords are of strategic value and critical for your online success. And, you need skill and the right tools to get at this data.

Q: what's the difference between a fat-head and a long-tail

A: The fat-head isn’t your brother-in-law. It’s a very broad, usually one or two words that is the most basic way you describe what your business is. If you make guitars, you think you need to own the SERP page when someone types in “guitar.” Most people though, when they’re ready to buy a guitar, know a little more about what they are looking to purchase. For someone ready to make a purchase, it is more likely they will either make a distinction between electric and acoustic. They might already know they want a Gibson or a Fender. More likely than not, a serious buyer will enter something like “best price fender telecaster.” That’s what we call a “long-tail” keyword. And there are far more “long-tail” keywords performed than there are “fat-head” keywords. And people who use “long-tail” keywords are usually closer to making a purchase or choosing a service provider.

Q: what's organic traffic?

A: Organic Traffic is all traffic that came to your website that didn’t click an paid advertisement. That mostly comes through search engine results, but there a whole host of other directory or recommendation services out there, and people who might write about you in blogs. A good SEO programs looks to grow the volume of that Organic Traffic as well as what % of your web visits it accounts for. The goal is to build a sustainable amount of traffic that doesn’t always need an infusion of advertising investment. Although there’s nothing wrong with that if you have the money and you’re doing a good job targeting your potential customers.

Q: what's organic traffic value?

A: On a weekly basis we can analyze the Organic Traffic to your website, and cross reference that to the actual Keyword that was used to get to your website, and then to the actual cost to bid on that keyword through Google Adwords, and determine what the value of that traffic actually is. If your’s is increasing, guess what? The value of your competitors’ is going down. I call that the Newton effect (you know..for every action an equal and opposite reaction). What you gain vs your competitor set is the value of what all your time and money you’ve spent on SEO is actually worth. That’s a tangible, measurable result. We provide that data in a comprehensive metric report that you’ll be able to understand.

Drumup Media Group’s comprehensive SEO features


Instant Data Sync

Syncing your overall directory listiings impacts your company’s search visibility at a local and national level.

Regular Website Crawl

We crawl your website to identify any and all issues that negatively impact search engine bot performance.

Keyword Research

We identify the “fat-head” and “long-tail” keywords that are critical for your SEO success.

Keyword Ranking

You’ll  know exactly where you are winning or losing to your competition.


Strategic SEO Plan

You’ll get a clear, understandable roadmap of what we’re going to do and why we are going to do it.

Enhanced Coding

We provide improved markup so search engines know who you are and what you do.

Content Support

We can help with the things you need to succeed, from rewriting copy to video production.


We provide regular, comprehensive and meaningful reports so you know your competitive position.

superior keyword research

Drump Media Group’s keyword research provides an SEO roadmap

See the keywords that are currently driving traffic to your site.

More importantly, see the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s website.

We identify the key “fat-head” and “long-tail” keywords for your competitive success.

we perform world-class keyword research because we use world-class research tools and we know what we’re doing

Drumup Media Group uses SEMRush.

Build Site Credibility

We build your site’s credibility using Backlink Audit and Link Building tools.

On-Page Optimization

Every strategic landing page has its own gameplan and we monitor performance against competitor’s page.

Site Errors Fixed

Broken links, duplicate content, canonical pages set, meta descriptions applied, 404 errors redirected.

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