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Find the specific people, communities and influencers that are critical to your success.



Success depends on a clear plan that is driven by your specific business objectives.



Deliver the content, images and video that gets your audience’s attention.



Our detailed analytics provide the data necessary for continual improvement.

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social media marketing that works

Drumup Media Group has a proven, effective method for increasing your voice through social media channels. It all starts with you. You see, we have to know who and what you are as a company, what the essence of your brand is, and who your customers are. Once we have that, we develop a comprehensive strategy that:

  • Utilizes the channels that are more likely to reach your customers
  • Utilizes the channels best suited for business objectives and goals
  • Is realistic in scope and is in alignment with your budget
  • Improves your customer engagement and amplifies your voice to your target audience
  • Identifies Key Performance Indicators and metrics that we’ll use to measure success
what's so great about social media marketing (SMM)

Some might answer that it’s free; except for that it isn’t. There’s the cost to implement and manage, the cost and resources associated with creating the content that you’re sharing with everybody, and then there’s the new reality that Facebook has made it virtually impossible to reach your entire audience without paying for some CPC promotion.

All that being said, as outlined in our “ABC’s of SMM,” it is much cheaper than traditional advertising.

But for my money, the best thing about SMM isn’t the cost, or even the sheer magnitude of users (Facebook now has over 1.6B active users!). The beauty of SMM is just how well you can target and talk directly to your specific audience of potential customers.

what's so special about targeting?

Never before in the history of advertising have you been able to target so precisely in the mass market. The way most people use social media is that they naturally segregate themselves or become active in groups that fit their interest or passions. Facebook knows their users ages, their location, a basic idea on income levels and their relationship status. It’s hard to imagine a product or service that doesn’t benefit from this level of demographic information. For example, if you are marketing a new set of headphones that is branded with the name of a rapper, you don’t want to pay for ads to go to that go to members of the Orange County Senior Citizens Square Dance Club. But, if I’m selling checkered shirts and scarves…bingo!

what should i measure?

There are many ways to measure success in SMM, we’ll start with the most basic metrics:

  • Is your audience increasing (followers, likes or subscribers)
  • Is your audience engaged (conversing and sharing with others)
  • What was the total reach (shares, retweets)
  • How many conversions (video views, downloads, registered for event, etc.) did your post generate
  • How does your engagement and audience number compare with your competitors
  • What were my costs associated and then my total cost per conversion

Our metrics reporting deliver that in a timely manner so that you can make adjustments for continuous improvement.

what's a listener tool

Listener tools allow you to see what others are saying on social media and what’s trending. It also allow you to participate in those conversations. Remember, it’s all about sharing and communicating. If you only send out, and never become part of the community, you will start to lose your voice. Drumup Media Group sets up every client as HootSuite so that they can see all the different channels they will be active in.

what are some of the other benefits of social media

There are many benefits of a solid social media program. In some respects, it has replaced traditional public relations. Some companies use Twitter as a platform for customer service. In terms of SEO for your site, everything shared from your site improves your website’s credibility score with Google. Social media is a way for your customers to attach themselves to your brand in a much more emotional way than ever before.

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